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January 24, 2015

Staying Motivated

Hello lovely reader/s!

Im so glad that i squeezed-in a time for an ootd shoot today because these past few days, i felt so stressed/pressured with all this thesis stuff. And i never felt so pressured until this final thesis came into my life. To lift my spirit up, i decided to literally delete all the songs in my phone because i want a fresh new start, free from the songs of the past that i used to listen because you know, i moved on. I replaced all the songs with motivated video that i converted into mp3, so basically they're like songs because they only last for about  3-4 minutes. Whenever i have a time i really make sure to listen to them, and i learned a lot, it also made me read real books again while sipping my tea and it just made my life a whole lot better.

 This Style Nanda inspired Unicorn Printed Shirt and Skirt is from
After i saw this in their site, my immediate thought was I have to get it and im glad that i did because it really spells sophisticated chic and you know, i always keep it low when it comes to showing too much skin, so this one comes in perfect.

This earrings are from

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January 14, 2015

My New Years Wishlist

Now that we're in the middle of the first month of the year, I've been thinking of spicing up my usual lady-like/modest style, especially that im devoting myself once again into having a fit body. And in this very year, i will soon be legal to do anything i may please, so why not make my style be more than what it is right?

So heres my new years wish list that will surely give my wardrobe a taste of heaven.

Please click on the photos for details



I will never say never to Pastels, Tie Dyed, Grid Prints, and Garden Prints!. Never.

And i just found a real gem when its comes to chic/feminine jumpsuits, and jumpsuits are the something im afraid to wear before, but i will wear one soon, hopefully #goals




And you can never go wrong with black and white people. They're classic!

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January 10, 2015

The Good Stuff

Hello lovely reader/s!

How's your New year so far guys? Mine didn't start off very well, because my laziness got the best of me and it roared like a thunder telling my mind and body the same thing... to sleep... all day. Haha! No. I just celebrated my new year spectacularly with my family that i exhausted my body way too much, and all the food just makes my head fuzzy because i ate quite a lot. Pig.

You can see the proof below, these photos was actually taken during the first day of 2015, my stomach was still full packed. Anyway this year, i feel like hugging all the good stuff, that's why i chose to wear this dress polka dotted pencil dress from so that i can be able to attract all the positive vibes and thoughts and vibrations this year! 

I know most of you aren't familiar yet with this store, i myself just got introduced to them over a month ago, and because they have a huge selection of items with over 40 categories, it means customers have a lot to choose from. I got this Polka Dotted Pencil Dress from them and i really love the fit, though my body was not in a good shape while wearing this (post holiday body), it actually turned out pretty good, i love how it fits.

Dress: HERE
Clutch: HERE
Boots: HERE

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January 9, 2015

Why I Love the Stars

When i look up above, i see the vast expanse of the sky, but i love it even more when the sun sets off and there lies the numerous numbers of twinkling stars.

(photo from tumblr)

I was a little girl when i looked up at the starry night sky and was fascinated by it, i still remember the place where i looked up and watched them intently with admiration. When i think i about it now, i was actually taught about the stars and constellations in my elementary years and in high school, but i never felt the excitement of it mainly because for me, its just one of the many lessons the teachers taught their students... nothing more.

I know that you have noticed the stars, but only in a subtle way, because most of the people never really look at it as something astounding. People are more occupied by earthly stuff that they fail to recognize the most amazing spectacle happening just above their heads. I wonder why people has taken that for granted and chose to look down eyes-glued to their cellphones and any other gadgets. I know change is inevitable especially that technology is rapidly getting better and better but i just don't like how it makes people forget about the things that really matters.

If only you would take time to stop and put down your gadgets, you'll see how beautiful the world is even without the light.

One of the many reasons why i love watching the stars is that it's the only connection we have from the people who came here first, and its made to be available to all of the living creatures here in this world. We don't know that by just looking at that one twinkling little star, millions of people are looking at it in another time and in another place because stars have been here forever, and just like that we are connected to the people from the past and to the people all over the world who looked up above. I know that the connection may be tenuous but i feel like its the most beautiful thing for everyone to see including those who are long gone.

"Remember to look up above and not down at your feet." - Stephen Hawking
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January 3, 2015

Merry Late Christmas

Hello lovely reader/s
Oh god! Its been so long since i last updated my blog! I even failed to greet you a Merry merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Ugh, sorry about that lovelies, it's just that since our christmas break kicked off last 4th week of December, i feel like i need to get out for a while, i need to get my life back together because you know-- thesis and stuff (very draining!) And as an introvert, it's really hard for me to cope up with things that are not in my comfort level, that's why i feel like i needed a retreat inside my room doing some readings and other singular activities that only "i" would enjoy.

Okay, i didn't really celebrated my christmas as jolly as i would love to be, because i was sick and i even got a toothache! So yeah, i slept through the whole thing :( So my Christmas wasn't merry at all, but if you throw in my happy family and little achievements for this year (last year), i think my Christmas was Merry enough, it's a state of mind people. Anyway, im so weird because i am listening to Christmas songs these past 2 days and i didn't even bother to listen to any when Christmas was on its way lol!

I would love to share to you lovelies about how i spent my new year and what's my inside thought about it, but i think i will make a post about it next time because i still have so much things to finish :)

Ahhh this Studded Lips Shoulder Bag is the bomb! I love it, although its quite small, i love how cute it looked for my outfit. I can see this bag overused this coming days lol!

I got it from

I got this Faux Suede Boots from

I really love how comfy it is for my feet and its perfect for winter, though we don't have winter season here in our country but what are the odds of wearing one right?

Dress: HERE
Shoes: HERE
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December 22, 2014

Sheinside December Greetings

Hello lovely reader/s

Ohhh 3 more days to go and its CHRISTMAS!
So, do you have your Christmas gifts for the lovely people in your life yet?
You know, its never too late to shop for them. I went shopping with my mum and sister yesterday, and man, i wished i didn't go with them because the malls are so crowded, everyone is doing their thing, you can see a lot of people going here and there, children running and crying ahhh it was a complete chaos!

So to save yourself from all the hassle shopping around with big crowds, let me suggest that you do an online shopping instead (how i wish that i thought of this a lot earlier!). And good news, is having a really awesome deal, when you buy one item you can get another item with 50% off and scarves are 40% off! Ahhh huge deal right?

New Arrivals 
BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF
Scarves 40% OFF
LAST One Week
Date:DEC/18-DEC/25 here: New Arrivals and Scarves Sale


Apricot Long Sleeve Shawl Collar Striped Cardigan Sweater (click here)
Black White Long Sleeve Plaid Pockets Knitting Coat (click here)


Pink Long Sleeve Barbie Mohair Sweater (click here)
White Long Sleeve Oversized Sweater (click here)


White Long Sleeve Round Neck Zipper Coat (click here)
Grey Long Sleeve Faux Fur Outerwear (click here)


Pink Long Sleeve Lapel Oversized Cocoon Coat (click here)
Pink Long Sleeve Notch Lapel Coat (click here)


Black V Neck Long Sleeve Loose Boyfriend Sweater (click here)
Purple Ombre Long Sleeve Mohair Sweater (click here)

Khaki Deer Distressed Long Sleeve Jumper (click here)

Happy Shopping Guys!
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