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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Different Summer

Hello guys! You may be wondering why im wearing this long-sleeved dress even though its already summer here in Philippines, well its because we have this bipolar weather and you just can't predict the weather until it happens. While taking these photos, its actually very cloudy and yeah, after a couple of minutes after the shoot, the rain pour down heavily, good thing we have our covers.

You know what guys, im just so disappointed with myself this summer because i always find myself waking up late and then the rest of the day goes to bed. Maybe because im just a professional procrastinator, and im so tired of procrastinating because i know its not good for myself. The only thing i did productive for this week is shooting this ootd. What a shame right? That's why i wanna change myself because its not yet too late, and in the next school year, being a procrastinator won't work because ill be doing my On the Job Training.

Although this summer is not what i had expected for myself, apart from that i found out that i have a heart for Musical Theatre Songs. I just love the listening to them and they're also relatable and i love the raw emotions in each songs. And the pop music right now are so-not-like from the 90's, im not ditching pop music and artist but i don't like listening to songs that are auto-tuned, sure they are catchy but i feel like it's not right because there are lots of underrated good singers out there. 

Im not trying to be an expert here, but i just want to recognize real talents and real art because sometimes those who are underrated are mostly the talented one. Maybe aging a bit over the years, made me to become like this, i just view things in a different perspective and im not one of those mob screaming over those not-so-talented-so-called artist. Im not ranting here guys but this is what im feeling right now.

silly face!

What do you think you of my look guys?

dress: thrifted
leggings: DM
bag: Parisian
ring: J-Crew
necklace: Eazy Fashion
shoes: DM

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Monday, April 7, 2014

How to leave Friendzone Ville

Lately, i have been thinking of doing a post about friendzone and what is my opinion about it. This is a real talk right here people, so please don't mind if i sound a little aggressive and pushy of how i put up my words. But please be informed that some of my opinions here may contradict your's so i suggest you to just scroll down say what's in your mind about my outfit. hehe

For once in our lives, there will always be that one person we just can't get over with. Say it's your childhood friend that you secretly have a crush on or your high school classmate that even though you have no communications at all, you still think of him everyday. I know it sounds crazy but believe me, i know someone. Look, by simply suppressing your feelings for someone in the hopes of getting rid of him from your heart doesn't necessarily mean that you can move on with that alone. It will only build up some kind of invisible force that serves as your suppressed-feelings for him, and the longer you keep it the stronger it will be.

When time comes that the invincible force of your suppressed-feelings is bursting strong, it will eat you up and will cause you the pain of longing. Okay, you guys may be wondering what im blabbering about, but im talking about the people who are living at Friendzone Ville, and not just by a person but also being friendzoned by time. Yes, time can trick us, and you'll never know until you're feeling that you've been ripped off over the course of time-will-heal-all-wounds, because the truth is, time never heals anything, people just seems to forget what the feeling was like the first time they felt it, because they are too occupied of their current life, and c'mon! there's so much to life than to think about a 'dude' y'know. And because there are some people that are not too occupied with their lives, they end up feeling stuck from the past, that's why the feelings all the same the first time they felt it. Seriously, it's not really about time, it's the way how you think and filter stuff through time.

Why do i sounds like enlighten here? lol!
So the bottom line is, if you're still stuck from an old romantic feelings for someone, you have to admit to yourself that you are secretly inlove and tell him about it. Hey, you're not telling him about it to start a relationship y'know, it's about freeing yourself from a tight grip of the past. And who knows? He might fall for you after your confession! It's all about courage girl!

--- end ---

Anyways, I got this Vintage Tote Bag from OASAP. Isn't it pretty? I really love the color and it is light in weight and you can fit in lot of stuff inside without this bag looking full. It's pretty much my to-go bag because you can pair it from denims to laces and still you look polished and chic. I got a lot of compliments by wearing this bag, it's actually the highlight of my outfit.

I wore this outfit when me and my sister went out for lunch, eventhough this outfit is not really much, i quite love it because its kind of my laid back style and i choose to wear denims full on to highlight my bag without looking a little too much because i get bored when there's too much going on in one outfit.

Because it's already summer here in Philippines, accentuated this peplum sleeveless with beaded statement necklace paired with skinny jeans and studded black shoes. And of course my trustworthy white watch because i just can't go out without a watch in my wrist.

top: Just G.
bag: OASAP
necklace: Follie
watch: Eazy Fashion
shoes: DM

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Win 3 OASAP new tees, yes, you heard me right, 3 pieces!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

This post is a continuation of my last post about AIDENTIST. Did you know that they are the other branch of AHAI? Yes, ahai also branches out and this time its for dental care. Aidentist includes top brands , like NSK,Woodpecker,Being,Jime,Tosi. They provide a wide range of dental Product, including dental Equipment, endodontic products, surgery equipment, As a professional supplier of dental equipment. Certainly Aidentist can also supply many dental instruments that the dentist must have, such as Handpiece , Curing Light, Ultrasonic Scaler, Mirco Motor, Electric Toothbrush. 

Aidentist has more than 5,000 products and Strictly control product quality . They have an international security electronic trading platform, Also the revenge global free transportation and professional Sell belongs to them. All products purchased in their store has from 3-12 months warranty. Not satisfied with the product? they can 100% Return.  And to top it off, Aidentist have a large team of highly trained customer service experts ready to answer your questions. All of your Problems will be replied you as soon as possible.

Intraoral Camera

Thank you very much xxsr
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Vintage Summer

Hello dear readers and friends! It's been so long since i posted my ootd here, though i have many ideas, outfits to shoot, & product reviews to make, i just couldn't get away with my schoolwork's! Yes, March has been a hell month for me but im glad that it's all over now and that i can take time to sit back and relax. But because i planned to be a productive person this year, i took a summer advance class. You know, i got a whole lot of ideas for myself this summer and that includes reading lots of books, baking, start writing novel (which i my dream forever)and trying my hand at drawing and painting.

Lately, i realized that i have a secret obsession over vintage stuff. One day, as i was scanning our family albums, i saw my mum wearing a high-waisted jeans paired with oversized-tshirt and man! I gotta admit that she was rocking it! I can't wait to show you guys my own version of that but as of now, take a look at my outfit, what do you think?

Okay you guys, i know im not a skirt kind of person but when i saw this skirt, i just fell inlove with it and just so you know that this is my very first purchase of skirt and my mum was kind of surprise when she saw me buying it hehe. 

Let me break it to you guys, i don't wear skirt because first, people here seems to judge you when you're not in their circle where you only wear jeans and shorts, or maybe they just like to talk about you in a nasty way. And second,  i have very ugly shape of legs but i don't care about that anymore because i have learned to love myself for what i am and for what i look like. 

This is my favorite shot hehe

Looking silly!

Off to Narnia guys, see you in a year or two! Naw hahah :D

This earrings was a Christmas gift from my high-school friend. Notice how sweaty my hair strands are? Because when we shot this, it was a very hot even though it was already past 4 pm and there was no wind also :( 

This top was given to me by my mum because she said she doesn't like it. Its not bad :)

top: Forever21
skirt: DM
bag: MSE
shoes: Keds
bracelet: Follie
earrings: from a friend

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