March 31, 2015

Gratitude Night & Ringhop Ceremony 2015

Hello lovely and beautiful readers all over the world! (pretentious intro lol!)

I've been itching to blog this event since its date was announced. Weeks before this lovely event took place, my mom and i was already planning what i should wear. Actually, i had trouble finding my gown because orange is not my thing and part of me dies the moment i heard that we'd be wearing Filipiniana gowns.

But i guess my gown turned out just fine, it's a Snow White inspired gown--- in orange. It's a custom made gown and im really happy that its turns out the way i envisioned for this gown to be.

Opted for a very very light make-up with no false lashes because i want this to be raw. So whenever i look at my photos maybe in ten years time, i will see myself in my true form, not hidden or buried with thick make-ups.

My very supportive mom! Honestly, this i think, is the only picture of us that she had her eyes open.

On our way to our table :)

Beautiful Moment is all i can say. And this very words coming from a deep person, means so much more than what it shows and means. This made me create and chase my dreams even more because i know, my family will always be there for me.

My classmates and batchmates singing You'll be in my Heart. I was part of this number but i decided not to join because i don't want to trip. But they did an amazing job!

Lights are out,
Candles are lighted,
And my mother started to read my letter for her.

To cut this moment off. I made my mom read my sister's assignment instead (hence her face), because i forgot to write a her a letter. HAHA sucks to be me but im glad she loves me! 

My mom and my lovely sister!

After the event was over, i went little cray-cray and took a lot of photos of me. That's why you can see me sweatin'!

My sister in her party girl face lol!

Im one year older but she's taller than me :( 
Why universe? Why?

Us with our back exposed! But not really though! Haha!

Until then! Sayonara minna!

March 26, 2015

Memory of Winter

I know most of the countries are now enjoying their Spring/Summer breaks, but i could not resist to share this Winter Apparel Sale to you guys because one day, it might come in handy! And who doesn't love a good purchase? So here are my top picks from the sale that Sheinside is having!

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So what's your favorite?

March 20, 2015

Spring Ready

It's that time of the year again where everyone seems to be enjoying their spring/summer break, lovely weather and of course, to those fashionable people out there, they will never be the last the know about the latest trend this Spring 2015. So, is your wardrobe Spring ready yet? Here are my top favorite from the latest Spring Trend!

(Click the pictures to be directed)



March 15, 2015

Safe Haven

Hello lovely reader/s!

Im so excited for our upcoming Gratitude/Ring Hop Night guys, everyone in our class are now practicing their dance routines, which does not include me because of some physical/medical reasons. Although im quite glad that i didn't have to participate into our dance routines, because that means i don't have to go to school anymore for practice, part of me dies when i saw that they'll be dancing this very lovely dance in tuned with my favorite song which is "Haven't Met You Yet" :( Why Universe? WHY?

March 7, 2015

Lace and Studs

Hello lovely reader/s!

Now, i wouldn't start with how MIA i was these past few months because this month will be the busiest month and my last as a student. But i will try my hardest to post maybe once or twice a week because i have a lot of stuff to post and i don't want them piling up. Anyway, i am looking forward to a lot of stuff this month because aside from graduating, im really excited and looking forward for our Gratitude Night happening on March 21,2015! And i can't wait to share the photos here in my blog! We'll be wearing a Filipiniana inspired gowns... in orange! Yup, you read it right, im actually having a hard time finding the right gown because im not really a fan of orange, but i hope i can work it out :)